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Entrepreneurs should always seek expert legal help with the following four legal activities:

1: Provide Proactive, Crucial Business Advice

Startup businesses have many financial, operational, and legal needs. From the moment you make plans to start the business to the day the doors open, you have a lot to do. Many savvy entrepreneurs become acutely aware that the legal groundwork of a business is one important piece of the overall puzzle; it is one of the most crucial parts to correctly establish early on.

Proactive legal contingency planning is important and will help your business avoid issues that can end in costly litigation and fines. With the help of a business attorney, you can avoid expenses and barriers to begin business with legal documents that are well-written and cover potential liabilities for your particular operation that you may never have even thought of or anticipated.

Experienced legal counsel can help you by providing advice on issues concerning copyrights, patents, trademarks, legal structures, ownership interests, confidentiality, trade secrets, control of the business, management, employees, marketing, product liability, and succession plans. You should always seek legal counsel for advice on these and other vital legal issues.


2: Review Contracts & Other Documents

Whether you’re just starting your new business or growing it into the next household name, you need experienced legal counsel to help you review contracts and other important legal documents before and after signing. Legal counsel can also help you strategize for how to approach contracting.

Small businesses sign many contracts early-on in their operations including, for example, company operating agreements, partnership agreements, investment and funding contracts, confidentiality agreements, lease agreements, employment contracts, purchase agreements, service agreements, and much more. Your contracts will be with many parties, such as suppliers, vendors, employees, independent contractors, distributors,and landlords.

Experienced legal counsel play integral roles in review contracts for your business before they are signed. Counsel also can help review complex contract language months or years after an agreement is signed to help your business understand its rights and responsibilities. Business attorneys also double as business advisers and can help you make important decisions with respect to the agreements the company has signed such as whether to terminate, extend, or make an amendment.


3: Draft and Negotiate Contracts for Major Deals

Drafting contracts is an art form, and so is negotiation. In today’s world, written contracts (as opposed to verbal ones) are vitally important to protect your interests, placing greater emphasis on ensuring the exact written terms of your agreements benefit you, without the potential for hardship. Your business contracts should always capture your interests and expectations.

Drafting contracts, negotiating their terms, and discussing ways to make parties comfortable with the deal, requires negotiation skills, understanding of the law, and the foresight to protect your business from potentially unwanted circumstances. As such, legal counsel has an important role in helping your business make contracts, sign them, and execute them, all the while helping you maintain important business relationships for future collaboration.

Experienced legal counsel can guide you through contract negotiations and work with other parties’ attorneys to ensure your interests are protected and advanced in the eventual final agreement.


4: Connect Your Business to Business Partners and Customers

Lastly, business attorneys play a vital role in helping your business source the necessary inputs for your business’s success. Attorneys can leverage their large networks and connections to help your business find the products and services you need, at the right price and level of quality. Likewise, experienced counsel can help you find customers and clients. Perhaps more importantly, though, once legal counsel has helped you make these connections, they can work together with your key business partners.

For example, a business lawyer can help you find an affordable license to use specific copyrights or patents in your own products and services. Conversely, a business lawyer can help your business license new inventions to manufacturers and distributors, while ensuring are compensated fairly and retain control over your intellectual property. A business attorney can also assist and collaborate with accountants, bankers, insurance brokers, intellectual property attorneys, and other specialized professionals.

In addition to connecting your business to other partners and customers, experienced counsel can connect you to other legal professionals when a very unique or specific legal question or dispute arises. Most business attorneys do not bring or defend lawsuits, but they can help your business choose a trial attorney to represent your business professionally and put your business in the best position for success.

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